On the morning of November 9, 2016 we struggled with what to say on the site about the election results. Several articles were written with the editorial staff and were scrapped. After five days of hand wringing, conversations with our team members and contributors we decided the best thing to do for our audience was not to talk about the election results. We also worried that by deciding not to talk about it, that we were making a statement as well. Some of our readers have agreed with our decision and some have not. We think the criticism of our decision has merit, and we understand where that criticism is coming from.

We plan on continuing that stance by, well, continuing to not talk about politics. That includes not talking about tomorrow’s inauguration and the protests planned for Saturday.

We have a theory that the more we talk about politics, the more we’re going to alienate people and that’s not our goal here. In the past when we’ve talked about politics those posts have received a lot of engagement, but that engagement hasn’t helped further the goals of the site, which is to help parent that needs help sifting through the contradictory information they find online, regardless of who they are, or for whom they voted.

Our fellow members of the #PublicHealthNerdCore will quickly note, and rightly so, that health and science are political. What happens in Washington, DC and in state capitals is inextricably linked to public health priorities and funding. If and when proposed policy affects children and parents we will continue to cover those issues, as we have in the past, and as we have since the election.

What we won’t be doing is politicizing issues that don’t need to be politicized, or talking about political issues just to make a point. Our goal remains the same, which is to help parents understand complex issues, and most importantly, talk to their doctors about those issues.

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