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Accidents, Injuries, + Abuse

These posts address accidents and injuries, and accident and injury prevention, and a spectrum of abuse topics.

Pediatric Emergencies: Prepare to Avoid Them and Prepare To Deal With Them

By May 5, 2015 1 Comment

Summer break is nearly upon us – which means that about now, parents everywhere are weary of slogging through their kids’class projects and are ready for a break (yes, please!). But with the delicious siren song of summer comes all of the typical childhood shenanigans that lead to injury  – plenty of free time to putter around outdoors, attend […]

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Has A Seattle Doctor Found the Cause of SIDS?

By April 29, 2015 3 Comments

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) looms over many new parents like a poltergeist, an unpredictable thief of life and joy. It is the third most common cause of infant mortality in the US (0.6 deaths per 1,000 live births), yet it is still little understood. SIDS is such a visceral fear for parents that an […]

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Accidental Medication Overdoses: the Pediatric Case for U.S. Metric Conversion

By April 1, 2015 3 Comments

When I encounter something that interests me, I tend to intensely focus on that subject and try to master the basics as soon as possible. Though I don’t consider myself “domestic” per se (since when does cooking and organizing within my home make me of the non-exotic/wild/free spirit variety? I have to eat and survive, […]

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The Consequences of Whooping Cough: How I Developed Cerebral Palsy

By March 16, 2015 No Comments

I have cerebral palsy, and it’s something I’ve been hesitant to talk about my entire life. Cerebral palsy (CP) “is caused by injuries or abnormalities of the brain. Most of these problems occur as the baby grows in the womb. But they can happen at any time during the first 2 years of life.” As […]

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